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Are you seeking to unlock your organization's full potential? Wondering how to energize your team and build a stronger, more cohesive workforce? Our Complementary Employee Engagement Assessment is your answer!

Deep Diving Consultation

Citrus Group invites you to a 1-on-1 pre-assessment discovery meeting with our business advisor. In this insightful virtual meeting, we will understand your company's unique challenges and needs. Based on this understanding, we'll recommend the best engagement assessment for your organization and provide you with insights and suggestions on how to effectively implement the changes.


Discover, Assess, Analyze, Implement

4 Steps To Unlock Your Team's Potential With Your Complementary Employee Engagement Assessment.

Step 1:


A one-on-one virtual meeting to understand your unique challenges and needs.

Step 2:


Tailored Employee Engagement Assessment to gauge your team's engagement levels.

Step 3:


Review and interpret data to develop an actionable engagement strategy.

Implement Support
Step 4:

Implement & Support

Assist you through the implementation of our recommendations, ensuring success.

Kerry Logistics Centre (Tampines) Pte Ltd

You Are Not Alone

Mr. Poon showed commitment and competence as a consultant by delivering on the scope of the project (CEO Framework) He will go the extra mile to get things done and ensure all recommended interventions are delivered on time.

Wanin Industries Pte Ltd

Businesses Invested In Managing Talent

Casey showed professionalism as a consultant and ensured that everything is in place to get certified. We are pleased with his services and will definitely engage him again for future projects.

Tong Jum Chew Pte Ltd

Brands Invested In Engaging Talents

Casey showed perseverance and is competent as a consultant by successfully fulfilling his obligations in the project on time. Effectively bilingual, he is able to gel well with both front-line staff and senior management.

Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd

Inspiring Growth with Engaging Education

From the moment Kee Chye Poon (Casey) steps into the training room, his energy and passion for teaching are palpable. He possesses an innate ability to connect with learners, creating a safe and engaging space where everyone feels valued and motivated to participate. His approachable demeanor and willingness to listen attentively to learners' needs make him an invaluable asset in facilitating their personal and professional growth.

Happy Staff Happy Boss
Citrus Group:

Empowering Growth Through Human Potential

At Citrus Group, we firmly believe that the key to any organization's success is its people. That's why we focus on developing and empowering your workforce, helping your organization to flourish from within. Our solutions are not just about providing consultancy; we aim to inspire businesses to maximize their human potential and become trusted partners on your path to growth.

Why Choose Our

Complementary Employee Engagement Assessment?

Here are five frequently asked questions that explain why you should opt for our assessment:

An engaged workforce leads to increased productivity, improved employee morale, and reduced turnover. Engaged employees are also more innovative, providing creative solutions that drive business success.
In this meeting, we will discuss your organization's unique challenges, needs, and goals. We'll delve into your workplace culture and explore potential areas for improvement. This will help us tailor our engagement assessment to your specific requirements.
Our assessment will provide invaluable insights into your team's engagement levels. We'll identify potential areas for improvement, which can enhance productivity, boost morale, and ultimately, improve your bottom line.
Post-assessment, we'll provide you with an in-depth report and actionable recommendations. We'll also guide you on implementing these changes and offer continuous support to ensure success.

Absolutely! We understand the various constraints businesses may face. The main goal of our Complementary Employee Engagement Assessment is to provide you with valuable insights into your organization's workforce engagement. The recommendations we provide are yours to keep and implement as you see fit. While we'd love the opportunity to guide you through the implementation phase, our primary objective is to empower your business with the knowledge to enhance your employee engagement. After all, at Citrus Group, your growth and success is our top priority.

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Remember, we're not just transforming your human resources; we're helping you shape a future where your business flourishes through its people.

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